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By Gary On May 10, 2016
Can I see a picture of the actual Air Jordan 11 "72 10" Retro Shoes Black/Red that I would receive if I bought them?
Reply:I have send actual picture to your email, please check.
By Chris Baker On May 5, 2016
Do you have size 9.5 in womens shoes? They seem to stop at size 8.
Reply:The womens shoes max size is 8.5, but your can try mans size 8. because the man's size 8 = women size 9.5
By jerrome igles On April 29, 2016
How long do your shoes take to receive and is the a overnight shipping I can do
Reply:Sorry, No overnight shipping. Usually 5-9 days delivery.
By Jermell wright On April 28, 2016
Hello I wanted to know if youll still have the big size shoes. And are they official looking thanks.
Reply:Yes, you try to search "big size" at search form. thanks
By Isaiah Warner On April 12, 2016
When will your Retro Maroon 6s be in stock again in size 12?
Reply:Sorry, this shoes still out of stock. if I get it again, I will contact you.
By Isaiah Warner On April 8, 2016
How many is it to ship to the United States?
Reply:1 shoes shipping through E-Packet(5-14 days arrive). 2 pair shoes or more shipping through USPS(5-9 days arrive).
By Daniel On April 5, 2016
I want to know if you have kids sizes if you do I would like to get a size 4 for my boy we can make it happen I buy the gold blue and red 12 and 13 and me and him both the dawn of Justice and Captain America or something tell me your deal or coupon code everything checks out Ill Buy this every month, Ill send a couple more nice buyers your way.
Reply:You can check the kid shoes, but some kids size max size is 3Y, just little shoes have size 4Y. and Justice and Captain America just have men shoes, no kids shoes.
By David van tassel On March 30, 2016
I just placed an order and Id like to pay western union asap please it was for 3 pairs please insert the shoes I ordered so I know it is right order thatnks
Reply:Okay, Thanks!
By Tone Smith On March 22, 2016
Is there overnight delivery available? I want the batman vs superman jordans by this weekend.
Reply:Sorry , no overnight delivery, usually 5-8 days delivery.
By Kinsey Ghidina On March 21, 2016
What number is on the back of the Air Jordan Retro 7 silver white blue? The picture does not show the back of the shoe where it is. Thank you
Reply:The AJ7 silver back number is 9.
By T holden On March 14, 2016
Hi im looking gor the dynamic pink jordans 12s..were can i find them?
Reply:The air Jordan 12 dynamic pink have not arrive yet. I will email you when it in stock
By tatiana harris On March 14, 2016
Do you have pink and white retro 12s girls how much send western union info
Reply:Yes, I can got the Air Jordan 12 "Valentine's Day" in stock , but this shoes just have women size.
By Mahamadu Kebbeh On March 12, 2016
I Need My Tracking Number
Reply:Tracking Number have re-sent to your mailbox.
By Elisha On March 9, 2016
I need yaw information for wester union
Reply:Okay, I have sent information to your email.
By Ainyae On March 6, 2016
Hi , just wanted to know if it was okay to order from this site I love Jordans wanted to order me & my baby girl a couple pairs
Reply:Yes, it's okay, the best quality Jordan.
By Mario Fonseca On March 1, 2016
if i order a pair of jordans how long will it take to ship the order in GA united states
Reply:1 pair shoes shipping through ePacket(5-14 days arrive) . 2 pair or more shipping through EMS(5-8 days arrive). thanks .
By mike On February 22, 2016
Hi my son ordered shoes at the beginning of february and you said they would not be shipped til later in month cause the site was down for a little...he ordered either 66576 or 73982...can you tell me what the difference is between the two pair..does one of them have nike air on the back Instead of the Jordan symbol like the Jordan og 89 cements that were just released in the USA...he was actually looking for the pair with the Nike Air on the back so we were just wondering if one of these did cause they are the same shoe with different ID number..we are hoping that you can get back to us so that we dont have to cancel our order cause we did find a site with the Nike Air on the back instead of Jordan symbol...Thanks so much and I hope to hear back from you....
Reply:The order info have been send to your email . please check your email. thanks.
By durell cole On January 24, 2016
I would like to know if my order was received and how long will shipping take?
Reply: 1 pair shoe , shipping by EMS epacket , 5-14 days arrive; 2 pair shoes or more , shipping by USPS, 5-9 days arrive.
By David On January 24, 2016
How long does shipping usually take to arrive ??
Reply:Usually 5-9 days arrive, thanks!
By David McNeil On January 24, 2016
Do you accept PayPal as forms of payment? Could you also provide the Western Union payment method information? Thank you for your assistance.
Reply:Sorry, We don't accept paypal, but we accept credit cards. thanks. and we accept western union.
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