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By bobby buchanan On November 10, 2015
i sent money with western union and have a number to give you that you will need. email me for it
Reply:Okay, I have email you about the order.
By brian ketison On November 6, 2015
I was wanting the batman vs superman jordans 13 i wear a 10.5 but you dont have them im looking at the size chart but cant figure out what size i need to purchase to fit a size 10.5 can you help me with this please thanks
Reply:Hi brian, sorry the aj13 batman vs superman no size 10.5 , you can try size 10, or size 11. I thinks that the size 11 will be fit. thanks
By Steve On November 5, 2015
Hello, Do you sell air jordans? If so, what kind of prices are in your selection? Thank you, steve
Reply:Yes, you can find it at air Jordan category. and the price at items detail page. thanks
By myles smith On November 4, 2015
When i ever get my shoes i ordered.
Reply:Hi Myles, I will shipping the shoes at today, and I will email the tracking number after shipping . usually 5-8 days delivery. thanks
By Jerren bowie On November 2, 2015
I just resent it payment
Reply:Okay, thanks . I will shipping your order at tomorrow.
By Jermaine walton On October 31, 2015
I was wondering when will I get my tracking number for the shoes I order.
Reply:Hi Jermaine, The tracking number have been send to your email , please check your mail box. thanks
By vincent mastrogiulio On October 30, 2015
Is this a wholesale company?
Reply:Yes, Best quality shoes, wholesale price. No Minimum order Limit.
By Cindy Hall On October 26, 2015
Hi, I wanted to pay through paypal for order #GS-5650102168264 . Can you please help me as I can only pay through paypal. Thanks! Cindy Hall
Reply:Sorry , we just accept credit cards, don't accept paypal.
By Juan On October 22, 2015
Is this site on the up & up? Can I really pay with my debit card? I just want to make sure this site is for real. Usually nobody replys when contacted. And shipping cost, if I buy a few pairs, it wont cost $20 for each pair will it? I dont want to spend $100 for shipping for 5 pairs of shoes. Alittle excessive dont u think? Please reply and thanks
Reply:Thanks for your message, we just accept visa cards. that real quality shoes. about the shipping , just one pair shoes cost shipping money $12.Free Shipping for the 2nd item and each additional.
By Demetrius Best On October 20, 2015
what is my tracking number for my order number GS 572 3102168153
Reply:The tracking number have been sent to your email again , please check your email
By jerren bowie On October 7, 2015
hello I just ordered Jordan 5 from you order number GS-434102168717 with my visa card and it says to order again did yall get my money or what
Reply:thanks for your order ,but your payment failed, we just accept visa now
By FATMATA NYALLEY On September 23, 2015
how many days delivery
Reply:Reply: Usually 5-9 days delivery. thanks .
By Crista goldbaum On September 22, 2015
Hey I placed an order and got this GS-726921681910..does it mean you got everything? I tried looking up status and it says it doesnt exist.. I also checked my account and it doesnt say anything was processed from here.
Reply:I can find your order ,but your payment failed. maybe your cards don't working for online shopping
By Yousaf On September 20, 2015
where are you based out of, and how are the quality of the shoes? and one last question, is there a minimum order of number of shoes to be bought?
Reply:The shoes are real quality, and no minimum order, order 1 pair shoes is ok too.
By Tyler king On September 17, 2015
Is this site legit
Reply:Yes, best quality sneakers.
By ransom On September 15, 2015
How long do it take for you to ship?
Reply:usually 5-9 days delivery. thanks
By Valnard On September 2, 2015
GS-213592168219 My order is 169.44, it states if I order through Western union my order will be $30.00 cheaper. Is this correct
Reply:Yes, that correct. checkout with western union , each items discount $15
By Shantrease Anderson On August 14, 2015
Im a size 4 how much would it be for the hightop white and pink Jordan 11
Reply:Your mean kid size 4? there are just kid shoes have size 4
By Margarita On August 13, 2015
Are these shoe new or their a used?
Reply:Reply: It's new shoes, and unused. come with box, thanks
By Eddie On August 9, 2015
Did my payment go through
Reply:Yes, I got it. I will email the trackign number after shipping. thanks .
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